About Steam Engine Stickers


Steam Engine Stickers & Our Passion for Stickers

Steam Engine Stickers started in 2021 with a purpose to provide anyone across Canada with the experience of making their own custom printed stickers with an easy, interactive, and accessible online store and offer fast printing turn around and free shipping to anywhere in Canada. We want Canadians to have the best stickers they will love!

Our operations are based out of Lethbridge, Alberta which is an agricultural and manufacturing hub in Western Canada. Our team is passionate about stickers and ensuring that they are the highest quality and look the absolute best for you. We grew up buying stickers from candy style vending machines and sticking them on mirrors in our bedrooms or on our dressers and walls and that love of stickers has never left us. It’s a love we want to share, and we’re driven to provide the best stickers and the best service! This passion is why we have top quality printing machines and only source the highest quality North American manufactured printing products.


A Brief History

Our leader and founder of Steam Engine Stickers, Kenny Joss has been working in the printing / graphic design industry for many years starting out as a worker at a local sign shop. He then pursued a career in industrial design and manufacturing, however, his love for graphic design and printing never faded and he shifted paths and opened his own sign shop and has been providing Lethbridge with custom sign and decal printing for many years.