Hardhat Sticker

Hard Hat Stickers

Hard Hat Stickers made to endure with premium quality material and a tough laminated finish to offer the highest durability and adhesion you need to match the abuse and use your stickers will endure on the job site, motocross track, or hockey rink. Tough like a Canadian Winter Eh?

We make your Hard Hat Stickers from our absolute best materials and the stickiest vinyl we can get our hands on – we know the abuse Hard Hat Stickers will go through every day and we want them to last and be the best-looking sticker on your hard hat or helmet for a long time. Made from water/weatherproof material and laminated to protect from the elements, we guarantee these will last!

Hard Hat stickers can be printed on many different materials and in any shape or size that you need. Durability is our guarantee, and we select quality North American made print products to ensure your Hard hat stickers stick out and stand up to the toughest work or recreation activities. We recommend keeping these stickers small (2” x 2” max) or smaller so they can be applied to a domed surface without wrinkling or lifting.

Vinyl Sticker Specs

  • 4 mil PVC film print media – White, Clear, Chrome, Holographic & Many More!
  • 3 mil PVC film laminate – Crystal Clear
  • Gloss or Matte Finish
  • High Tack Bond
  • Water/Weatherproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Ultra-High Durability
  • Minimum 2 – 4 Year Lifespan

Hard Hat Stickers Can Be Used On

  • Hard Hats (Any colour of hard hat)
  • Hockey Helmets
  • Motocross Helmets
  • Skiing / Snowboarding Helmets
  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Tactical Gear

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