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Steam Engine Stickers: Where personalization meets quality. Our unique custom sticker builder offers unparalleled end-to-end customization, allowing you to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. Crafted from premium 4 mil PVC film in finishes like White, Clear, Chrome, and Holographic, our stickers are protected with a 3 mil PVC film laminate for a crystal-clear, durable finish. Water, weather, and UV-resistant, our stickers are built to last!

Why Choose Steam Engine Stickers?

  • Complete Customization: 80 different options combining shapes, materials, and finishes.
  • High-Quality Materials: Premium vinyl with gloss or matte finishes.
  • Durable and Resilient: Water, weatherproof, and UV-resistant.
  • Fast Turnaround & Free Shipping: 3-4 day turnaround and free Canada-wide shipping.
  • Proudly Canadian: Honest, hardworking Canucks dedicated to excellence.





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At Steam Engine Stickers, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality vinyl stickers, meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. Our vinyl stickers boast a range of premium materials, including 4 mil PVC film print media available in White, Clear, Chrome, Holographic, and many more. Each sticker is protected with a 3 mil PVC film laminate that ensures a crystal-clear, durable finish. Whether you prefer a glossy or matte look, our stickers provide a high tack bond that makes them perfect for any application. Our stickers are not just visually appealing; they are built to last. They are water and weatherproof, UV resistant, and ultra-high durability, ensuring a lifespan of 2 to 4 years.

Scenarios and Benefits

Business Branding: Imagine a small business looking to enhance its brand visibility. With Steam Engine Stickers, the business owner can choose from five different shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval, die cut) to perfectly match their logo’s design. They can opt for a premium vinyl finish to ensure the stickers stand out on any surface, whether it’s storefront windows or product packaging. The ability to select from gloss or matte finishes allows them to tailor the stickers to the aesthetics of their brand.

Event Promotion: An event organizer planning a major outdoor festival can benefit from our weatherproof and UV-resistant stickers. They can choose from clear or chrome materials to create eye-catching promotional decals for equipment and signage. The variety of shapes and finishes means they can create a cohesive look across different materials, ensuring consistent branding throughout the event.

Custom Personalization: A customer wanting to personalize their laptop, snowboard, or bicycle can enjoy the freedom of choosing from a range of material types and finishes. They might select a holographic finish for a standout effect or a full bleed border to ensure their custom design seamlessly integrates with the sticker’s edge. The durability of our stickers means their customized look will endure through various weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

Safety and Utility: For safety decals on vehicles or equipment, the high tack bond and ultra-high durability of our stickers ensure they remain in place and legible in critical environments. The user can select the appropriate shape and material to suit specific safety regulations and ensure high visibility.

Why Choose Steam Engine Stickers?

Proudly Canadian: We are a team of honest, hard-working Canucks dedicated to providing the best sticker solutions.

Free Proofs: We offer free proofs so you can see your design before we print, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

3-4 Day Turnaround: We understand that you’re busy, which is why we promise a swift 3-4 day turnaround on all orders.

Free Canada-Wide Shipping: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping across Canada with every order.

Complete Customization: Unlike other sticker builders that limit your choices, Steam Engine Stickers offers unparalleled customization. With 80 different options combining shapes, material types, material finishes, and border finishes, you have full control over your sticker’s final look and quality.


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