Pipe Identification Labels

Pipe Label Stickers made with premium quality material and a tough laminated finish to offer the highest durability and adhesion you need to match the abuse and use your pipe identification labels will endure in your industrial facility. Simple select your pipe size, color combination, type in your label text, and we do the rest!

Need pipe identification labels for process and utility piping in industrial facility? We design and print pipe identification labels in compliance with ANSI/ASME A13.1 for all standard and custom pipe identification labelling requirements. We know the abuse pipe identification labels will go through every day in your facility (wash-down, dust, heat, cold) and we understand you need them to last and maintain visibility and clarity for a long time. Made from water/weatherproof material and laminated to protect from the elements, we guarantee these will last!

The tables below detail standard designation of colors for your pipe identification label application and sizes. We also have a custom label designer where you can select custom background and letter color to suit your custom process requirements.

Fluid Service Background Color Letter Color Color and Letter Sample
Fire quenching fluids Safety red White Letters
Toxic and corrosive fluids Safety orange Black Letters
Flammable and oxidizing fluids Safety yellow Black Letters
Combustible fluids Safety brown White Letters
Potable, cooling, boiler feed, and other water Safety green White Letters
Compressed air Safety blue White Letters
To be defined by the user Safety purple White Letters
To be defined by the user Safety white Black Letters
To be defined by the user Safety gray White Letters
To be defined by the user Safety black White Letters
Outside Diameter of Pipe Covering, in. (mm) Length of Color Field, A, in. (mm) Size of Letters, B, in. (mm)
0.7 to 1.3 (18 to 33) 8 (200) 0.5 (13)
1.4 to 2.4 (34 to 61) 8 (200) 0.7 (19)
2.5 to 6.7 (62 to 170) 12 (300) 1.3 (32)
6.8 to 10 (171 to 254) 24 (600) 2.5 (64)
Over 10 (over 254) 32 (800) 3.5 (89)

Pipe Identification Label Specs

  • 4 mil PVC film print media – White
  • 3 mil PVC film laminate – Crystal Clear
  • Gloss or Matte Finish
  • High Tack Bond
  • Water/Weatherproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Ultra-High Durability

Colors, Background Vinyl Label Size, Text Size and Label length are compliant with ANSI/ASME Standard A13.1 – 2020 For Pipe Identification

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